This is my weekly injection or Enbrel. It takes a few seconds. It’s nearly painless (sometimes it stings), it is very easy to do (just push a button and wait for the click to know the dosage is done). That’s it. This once weekly shot, along with methotrexate (once weekly) have given me my life back, have allowed me to return to full time work, and while they don’t stop all of the flare ups, and while I still need a rolling walker, they’ve prevented those awful acute flare ups that would have me immobilized in bed, unable to rollover, sit up, stand, or even use the toilet on my own. I am thankful I have incredible insurance, and I am thankful for a rheumatologist who got me off of the prednisone and was able to see what the Mayo wasn’t while I was on it #rheumatoidarthritis #rheumatology #fibromyalgia #disability