Life gets a little more settled & Being a Horse’s Ass

Life is getting a little more settled, which is lovely 🙂 it’s fall here in Buffalo, NY; work is finally falling into a nice hum, and my mother is almost done with divorcing 250lbs of douche, which is also nice (she’s now in the final paperwork stages/waiting for the documents to come in from the courts)

This means it’s time to get back to writing, especially as I prepare to participate in NaNoWriMo this year 🙂

Had a wonderful visit with my Rheumatologist yesterday (things are going well, meds are going well, symptoms are stabilized, etc.)…and today I was a horse’s ass because I went to the Neurologists and was all like “What do you mean my appointment was cancelled today…I’d like to talk to the office manager…this is another, in a very long list of things that have gone wrong…let me list all of the mistakes your staff has ever made…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s right you sent me a letter telling me it had to be cancelled, I called, and I had it rescheduled, but I was foggy, so it never got taken off of my calendar…okay, so first let me apologize…but let’s also talk about how just sending letters to folks with brainfog may not be your best option…and honestly, whenever I have to cancel my patients or they no show, I literally pick up the phone and call them, so let’s talk about best practices as well while I’m here…” 

That said, I had a rough patient later in the afternoon, so I figure instant karma (and I was mostly stern, and didn’t raise my voice…so I was a horse’s ass, but not a terribly large horses ass…and I was an apologizing horse’s ass…and I figure they’ll mess up my medication, or my next appointment, or my next diagnosis, or my next whatever it is, given their track record.

So anyway, daily blogging here we go…I figure I have a good hours bus ride in the morning, and quite a commute in the evening, so I should be okay if I get comfortable tapping things out on my phone 🙂