A moment of Mussar: הכרת הטוב

In Mussar we are taught to recognize the good. In Hebrew this is “הכרת הטוב” (which can be translated as gratitude, but literally means recognizing the good).

While taking my lunch break at work today I decided to reflect on my blessings. I have been so blessed in life. I am grateful for my Ohana. I am thankful for those who supported me when I couldn’t support myself. I am thankful that I have had the pleasure, privilege, and opportunity to work in each and every field that I’ve studied: as a Linguist in Foreign Relations in the IDF, as an MBA, in business, accounting, and freelance consulting for entrepreneurial development, and finally, as an LMSW, working as a Social Worker and Mental Health Counselor where I finally feel entirely self-actualized, yet with years of growth potential before me. I am so grateful. Life continues to have its challenges, but they are far outweighed by its blessings.