Tacos & Nero Wolfe

nomadmatan: I want tacos lol
gryvon: I had tacos.
nomadmatan: haha I had 5 for lunch
gryvon: …wow.
nomadmatan: dude
nomadmatan: five is nothing
nomadmatan: that’s like
nomadmatan: not even enough meat
nomadmatan: to make a steak
gryvon: oh, right. you’re a guy.
nomadmatan: LOL
gryvon: ^_^

In other news, I was thinking about this earlier.

I read a lot of Nero Wolfe, I re-read the series constantly (though I still need to get some of the books they haven’t reprinted widely, I’ve only gotten to read a fraction of the series about 1/3 of the 75 books printed. And I’ve said for some time that if you ever want to know how to think critically, handle situations in which you’re being interrogated (which I have been, oddly enough) properly, or conduct stellar interviews and learn how to ask the right questions in tough circumstances, you’ll read the entire series twice…it will change your life. Every Academic who I found a fondness for, I’ve later found out owns the entire series – including Paauw and Dr. Jaeger.

However, my fondness for the series is also because I’ve had a crush on and a torrid literary love affair with the leading man (Archie Goodwin, six feet even, muscular, cocky as all hell and a smart ass) since I was first handed two of the books to borrow for summer vacation by my Spanish Teacher Sñra. Hellen in Eighth Grade and I was re-reading one of the books tonight, in which (and he’s done this before) he steps into a sandwich shop and orders three or four sandwiches, and something to drink…and I thought to myself “not only do I admire that he keeps his figure as fit as he does…but that he can put away as much as I can at lunch and does so without shame…”

I don’t know, I just admire that in a guy.

In other news, it’s almost time for bed.