Okay, quick update

Alrighty then, time to head home, swing by the sports store and get a bathing suit (I’m having a spa weekend this weekend, and champagne and pool are included…a fantastic combo if ever there was one), then home to take a quick nap, write two very long commentaries, then a 1,400 word paper on unions, which will bring us to around 3am.

After, sleeping (yes?) I’ll be heading into work to meet with my bank reps, and then finish with them as soon as possible so I can begin closing out the third quarter, finish writing my quarterly status report so I can mostly get out of the office on time (hahahahaha) so i can head to a weekend filled with Spa, Kitties, Massage (and graduate school thanks to the wonders of laptops and 4G Internet).

How’s everybody else doing?

Seriously…we need to get some celebrities on LiveJournal so it can overtake Facebook and once again rein supreme on the net.