Pack, Unpack, Pack, Unpack, Pack, Unpack

Okay, so in Middle & High School I lived downstairs, in my man cave…when I came back home, since my younger brother was at school, I took his room upstairs (which used to be my room before I lived downstairs during Middle & High School), and had him move downstairs…then I started packing to move to Chicago, so we started to move my younger brother back to his room…but then Chicago didn’t happen, so we moved him back downstairs…and I unpacked…and then a week later we came to the decision to move to a Condo…so I once again started packing…and now that my younger brother is back at school, I’m moving back downstairs so we can put new carpeting in his room and begin staging the house for before we put it on the market.

Not a fan of cardboard boxes.