So, in Hebrew, כוסית which is pronounced (not-even-remotely-written-using-IPA-standards) as kus-iyt is really raw slang for a sexy girl (we’ll come back to this).

כוס (kus) is colloquial Arabic for vagina. Spelled the same way in Hebrew as כוס but pronounced differently (as kos) means cup in Hebrew. I’ve heard tell that there’s a language-contact thing going on based upon the shape of the female anatomy…but this is not a high-level linguistics post, and I’d have to check up on it. Basically, the word is entirely offensive and it totally objectifies women – full stop.

ית (-iyt) in Hebrew functions as a diminutive, but for our intents and purposes we’ll now come back to כוסית and translate it as vagina-y instead of as a tiny vagina (because it’s a more accurate translation). כוסיות is the plural form (kus-y-owt)

That being said, I was sitting on the bus heading to the Open University in Ranana a couple of months ago and the bus driver and two elderly friends of his who were riding his line (each between the ages of 60-80) were talking with each other…I’ve taken the liberty of translating part of their conversation:

Guy 1: She’s Vagina-y!!!!
Driver: Really? Like Vagina-y Vagina-Y?
Guy 1: VAGINA-Y!!!!
Guy 2: I know a place where there’s lots of Vagina-Y Vaginas!!!!
Driver: VAGINA-Ys!!!!!!
Guy 2: VAGINA-Ys!!!!!
Guy 1: VAGINA-Ys!!!!!!
Guy 2: I need someone who’s Vagina-y!!!
Guy 1: VAGINA-Y!!!

I could also get into intonation and tone, but this isn’t my computer and it doesn’t have an IPA pallet and it’s 23:00…and I may be saving those details for a later linguistics paper…so you’ll all have to be troopers and do without.

Suffice it to say, it was the longest hour and forty-five minutes of public transportation in recent memory and is one more reason to do distance education and telecommute!