I once again have a cold, I’m run down, but I’m doing amazing.

In brief:
– I have a cold.
+/- I finish my advanced Hebrew course this Thursday.
+ At the end of this course my Hebrew will be two levels away from the advanced/academic level.
+ I’ll be able to blog and correspond regularly after I finish the course (especially as I prepare to finish out my army service).
+ I received my retroactive payment from the Ministry of Absorption, so I finally have a surplus in my bank account and after two and a half years I’m not in the red.
– I won’t get my food stamps until next month, because the army is making changes in how they deliver their food stamps…awesome for them, sucks to be a lone soldier until then.
-Yes…there are soldiers who are on food stamps because the army doesn’t meet their basic needs.
+ I’m preparing to finish out my army service.
– The head of my branch is ready to kill me because I’m not signing on more time in the army and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do because there’s no one to take over for half the things I do in the branch.
+ We’ll be getting our language course T-Shirts on Wednesday.
– I still haven’t gotten my sweatshirt from my NCO course…
+ My week long guarding stint has been postponed because I have to speak in front of the Major General.
– My week long guarding stint has been postponed and not canceled.
+ I send out my application to the M.A. program I want most on the 23rd…wish me luck!!!