What a Week

So the past two weeks were way more intense than I had expected. First, the problem with being sent on a week of any random mission/guard duty/assignment/etc is that when you finally get back, you have a week’s worth of work piled up on your desk waiting for you.

I went in for a half day of work today and managed to plow through most of the lingering pieces of paper that required some kind of attention.

I cannot wait for my new laptop to get here. It’ll be nice to be able to check mail on my way to and from base (I miss my smartphone…oh how I miss my smartphone). I’ve been back to my apartment – I think – three times over the past two weeks.

The Jewish holidays fall in rapid succession this time of year, and bring with them an incredible amount of traveling and introspection…it’s the stuff that wandering philosophers dream of. Incidentally, the Jewish holidays happen to be the topic of the next blog post I’m writing…when I’m not paying by the hour a ta net cafe, like I’m doing right now…which is the stuff that make wandering philosophers cry ;-)

Happy Sukkot!!

– M