Quick Update

So I’m finally back to blogging (which I find incredibly stress relieving). I’m looking forward to December when I’ll have a normal laptop again (not one that requires an external keyboard) so I can blog and email during my breaks at the office.

I also owe emails to nir1, goodall, psychoticjester, stevenh and foucaultonacid which – barring a repeat of Sunday and Monday’s mid-day office paperwork explosions – should be able to be written during my lunch hour tomorrow. If not, I’ll be able to catch up on email Thursday night. I would catch up on email tonight, but I have language assessments that need to be written up and they refuse to write themselves.

So, in order to distract you from the fact that this is really a teaser post, below I provide links to my updated photo galleries here on LJ:

Sushi Night


Army Life: General


Army Life: My Office


Travels: Israel: Jerusalem


Travels: Israel: Tel Aviv

Being in a Jewish army means that we observe all Jewish holidays. This – with all due respect to the big guy upstairs – plays hell with our work schedule, clogs our work flow and absolutely destroys any sense of normalcy we have. I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to no-holiday-that-I’m-aware-of-October.

Peace, Love & Hummus,