Okay, so I’m still recovering from the six week NCO course (more on that tomorrow and Friday) but it’s nice that things are getting back to normal. I’m in the process of putting together a picture post, travelogue, and regular blog post for this weekend. In other news, creative juices are full flow and I’m about to start ticking a few names off of my Handmade Prompts list which (in two-three is months) will make some strangers very happy 😀

I’m incredibly tired, my left shoulder is still hairline-fractured, doesn’t have the full range of motion, and is making clicking noises, and I’m fighting with the army for new glasses…however, by the by, things are going great.

Now…time to pass out. Much love

– M

p.s. comments on journals tomorrow, I’ve been keeping up with everyone’s entries…it’s just been hard to comment when reading on the fly or on the cell phone. Emails this weekend.