Teaser posts…no…I don’t know what on EARTH you could be talking about…

At least 100 years ago I had started writing a bunch of entries, but I’ve been exhausted recently and hadn’t finished them mostly because it was uncomfortable to type for long periods of time due to lack of a desk.

Anyway, thanks to stoicdaydreamer I now have two sawhorses and a flat plank of wood which means that after two years of moving around, six months on one Kibbutz, then Basic Training up north and then finally moving to my current Kibbutz I once again have a workspace…this is also the first time in two years that I’m actually settled anywhere…which is a remarkable feeling!

Tomorrow night through Saturday I’m going through all of my email, facebook messages, comments and responding…I really do appreciate everyone bearing with me over the past…well…two years.

Other recent developments are that I’ve made some very cool new LJ friends this week (welcome to the blog)…and I’ve gotten back into crafting full swing so as to avoid having to prepare a “he needed a killing” defense…but more on that tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow (and coincidentally the New Year – just happened to work that way) brings with it a new period of my life which should be pretty neat.

Right now I’m cold, wet, and slightly sniffley thanks to whoever didn’t wash their hands on base which means I’m going to put my feet up and watch some Nero Wolfe (thank you covarla) before I a pass out for the night. Tomorrow I’m up as usual at 0520 and I’ll be home at 1900-1930 to start my weekend.

Peace, Love & Hummus.