I know next to nothing about football. I know that I like football players, or men in football gear whether they’re football players or not (love the shoulder pads)…but I honestly have no idea what’s going on at any given point in time during an actual game of football.

Last week I was invited by a certain US Army attache to attend a Superbowl party at his house (which is also where I spent thanksgiving, which was lovely). Due to my position in the Foreign Relations Branch I’m not really able to decline these kinds of invitations (the whole putting attaches first, building bridges, etc).

Now, before you remind me that I can use it as an excuse to drink free beer…the attache is Mormon, there will be no beer (of coffee).

That being said, if anyone cares to give me a dummies guide run down to football, it would be much appreciated. I called my father, but he was laughing too hard (he’s been trying to get me to a Superbowl party for twenty something years).

Now, time to head to the concert on the Kibbutz before a friend comes over much later tonight…I’m hoping to catch up on studying, blogging and emailing tomorrow.