Working, working, working…

It’s 22:40 and I’m still working, though thankfully back at my place on the Kibbutz and in something far more comfortable than a uniform. I’m going to shower soon, finish up the work I have slated for tonight, blog, send some emails and then pack my bag  for tomorrow and head to bed.

Tomorrow I’ll be in my office tying up some loose ends during my prep-time (06:25-08:30) and then working alongside my commander for the rest of the day. I’ll be teaching in Tel Aviv tomorrow night (this will then be followed by another fun filled day at the office on Wednesday).

Thursday is dedicated to wrapping up the week. Friday I’m at home but I’ll be seeing a student at my place in the morning. The rest of the weekend (and Sunday, since I’m taking a day off) is dedicated to cleaning up my inbox (I know, I know…it’s been a bad two years…mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maximus culpa) and studying Hebrew grammar (I’ve been getting private lessons recently and I was handed about fifty pages of homework today — at my request — and I’d like to finish it so the teacher will give me more things to work on).

Anyway, I’m tired (and smelly from four days of guard duty) I have a hiking/guard duty bag that needs to be cleared out, a messenger bag which needs to be packed and a speech that isn’t going to write itself.


– M