Hello my cuddly blog

I know, I know…daily blogging is the one thing that’s currently suffering on my New Years Resolutions list…I’m getting there…slowly but surely.

This has been a hectic week. I’m in the process of preparing to test nine Lt. Colonels and one Captain. I also have a Brigadier General who I’m teaching every Sunday in addition to my regular load. Adding into the mix the revision of two exams, the creation of a third and the writing of two budget proposals I’m ready for a nap.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a meeting with the Lt. Colonel in charge of the Education & Youth Corps for the Ground Forces Command. I’m incredibly, incredibly excited

On the bright side, ten exams is really an excuse for ten hours of NaNoing…since after I read the officers their instructions there’s not much more I can do but sit there and wait for them to finish so I can begin grading…

How is everyone out in LiveJournal land?