The base is still on lock down for anyone (officers and soldiers alike) who has to get home via bus or walking. Fortunately, I was able to call my kibbutz family and have them borrow a kibbutz car and pick me up, so I’ve made it home for Shabbat safe and sound.

I’ll be spending Friday morning teaching in Gadera, then later teaching in Tel Aviv and then couch surfing at a friends apartment Friday night and (probably a different friends place) on Saturday.

Saturday night my Commander and I are seeing Fiddler on the Roof together in Tel Aviv (it will be the first time I’m seeing Fiddler on the Roof in Hebrew).

Updates as I have them. For those of you who believe in a higher power(s) let’s all pray that no soldier was abducted (which is still a possibility) and that this is all a false alarm…but let’s also pray that if a soldier has been abducted, that they’ll soon be seen home safely and without harm.

I’m drained, it’s 23:09 and I have to pack and straighten out my room before I can head to bed. Tomorrow’s wakeup time is 0630hrs.

Goodnight everyone.