And the reality is that

I can’t imagine a world where people aren’t free to make mistakes; what’s the point of education otherwise? If you get an A it’s wonderful, but you’re under the same obligation as someone who’s received an F to keep learning, to keep improving.

I’ve sucessfully learned how to not pass statisticds three times, and given the opportunity, I may learn how to not pass it a few more before I finally figure out how to get an A and it clicks and all makes sense – it was after a few months of bombings when a soldier who I served with turned to me and said “you can’t possibly be twenty-five and remain this optimistic” when I turned to her and said “I’m twenty four and I plan to be even more optomistic when I’m twenty five”

I may possibly fall into a very small category of people depending on the lense that’s used…but I don’t like macro