Goals, and things of that nature…or a look ahead


This month has already been amazing (posts on that forthcoming) but will primarily be remembered as the month in which my entire branch and I are fatigued, tired, and under-caffeinated (despite the gallons of coffee we’ve been drinking)…and I wouldn’t change it or have it any other way. I work with an awesome team of people.

– More push-ups, more sit-ups


Getting ready to go to the US. Work as usual.

– Prepare homework for all of my students for the entire month I’ll be gone.
– Tag all of my LJ Entries/Bribe gryvon.
– More push-ups, more sit-ups.

I turn 25 on September 2nd then head to the states from September 6th until October 5th. Can’t wait!

– Should already be back into daily writing/blogging
– Finances should be (mostly) in order

My younger brother turns 19! A Very Rocky Horror Halloween!

– Push-ups, sit-ups, running.


NaNoWriMo. This (and Thanksgiving) are the only two things that exist this month.

I’m already preparing my office three months in advance. By the time I’m done there will be a stockpile of enough Red Bull, M&Ms, NoDoz, and Pretzels to last an army for YEARS in the field…or for those of us slightly more hardcore than special-ops…a month of NaNoWriMo-ing.

– Start, Finish, Win NaNoWriMo


Catch up on the sleep missed in November!