Free Airplane Ticket (maybe) and an “I’m alive” entry…

…I’m alive…

…is it the weekend yet? Really, really stressful week but at least it’s heading to a close.

Outside of that, I may have a free jetblue ticket coming my way (if I’ve estimated my points that I have, added to the points I’m going to receive after going from Buffalo to NYC, NYC to West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach to NYC, NYC to West Palm Beach and West Palm Beach to NYC and then NYC to Buffalo (I have to go get Grandma again, this time for Thanksgiving). The ticket is non transferable, and I can fly anywhere in the U.S. (and obviously I’d have to use it December/January before I move to Israel in February)

Some thoughts have been:
Fly to California, grab a cup of coffee, get back on the airplane so I could go “yeah, this one morning I decided to fly to California to get a cup of coffee…” (it’s what I considered doing last time I got a free ticket from jetblue).

Go to California and hang out there for a bit, meet fellow LJers who are in the area (Sockie, Tigger, Taeresh, Matthias, Goodall, etc)

…though if I go to California without Alice she may kill me (She was born and raised there)

Mom says I should check out San Francisco (which is tempting); there’s also people I want to meet in Georgia (yes Paula, I’m talking about you).

I’m already planning my trip to Boston in Dec./Jan. to see Carrie and Stephen, but I’ll just pay for that out of pocket when I get my paycheck from Hillel (due sometime in the middle of this month…supposedly…) rather than use a free round trip anywhere in the US flight to somewhere that I can get to for 50.00.

I checked and it’s only within the U.S. and JetBlue doesn’t go to Canada so harassing Anne and her Husband is out (well, it’s not ruled out entirely, it’s just not possible with this plane ticket…I still want to take Dominic shopping and I need to have Anne sign her Bra, because, apparently that’s what you’re supposed to do according to MsScribe when you’re in the presence of a BNF and borrow one and I feel bad that I missed out on this unique cultural tradition and have regretted not getting a bra signed ever since).

Seattle is also an option, I’ve heard it’s a fun time; I could also meet Steve in Texas (though I’ve invited him and his husband – who’s Israeli – up for Thanksgiving, but they may or may not come which I understand, it’s a bit of a haul).

…ohhh…I could go back to Wyoming…I miss Wyoming…though, equally tempting is to go to Kentucky so I can see the Museum of Creation, where their exhibits show how Adam and Eve lived with the dinosaurs (personally, I want a tshirt of Adam, Eve and a T-Rex in a big group hug).

…this is the problem with giving someone like me a free plane ticket…there’s so much to see, everywhere…

…ohhhh I could see the biggest ball of twin in Minnesota…but then I’d probably have to stop by and say hi to the side of the family I don’t get along with…Wisconsin could be cool though…

……ohhh, I can go to Oregon….ooooor I can have some real fun and go to Salt Lake City Utah…

Okay…well, we’ll see what I come up with…in the mean time…it is far past my bed time….and this week needs to be over with…asap.

Peace all!