Work in Progress

Moonlight covers your body as I look down your chest, my head turned into you, as your arms wrap around me holding me tight:unable to move:your chest rises and falls as you breathe, feeling me wiggle, worried I’m trying to leave you, your muscles tighten and with one motion/one flex of your biceps you draw the air out of my body holding me breathless while you take in my scent as your nose nuzzles the top of my head; the cool breeze blowing in through our window with slight raindrops falling on my skin as you whisper through my hair “you’re not going anywhere”

Through your chest I hear your heart beat, your abs becoming my blanket of steel as your body wraps around and through mine:in the bondage of your limbs and muscles is a freedom to exist without fear or motion:to just be at one with you as you try to exist within and through me and I find myself wanting to do nothing more than hold you harder than you’re holding me as your body begins to slightly rock, moving to the beat of the falling rain outside, your lips tracing my neck…your teeth gently leaving marks and yet, through words left unspoken:I will treasure:I will hold:I will love you as we dance this midnight dance:this silent tarantella of two men intertwined that some fools would mistake for lust.

…I do have to say, I really…really love Marines.