Blogona, Milano & Cologne, Scheduling, Schoolwork

So my Bag apparently has been doing some traveling without me, so far it’s been in (according to the UPS Shipment Tracker):

KOELN (COLOGNE), DE, MILANO, IT and BOLOGNA, IT (which is where it started it’s tour). Providing they don’t send it elsewhere, it’ll be here on Friday…of course, when you think about the fact that shipping was only $15.00 you sort of wonder if you really could get away with poking some holes in a box and mailing yourself somewhere.

Right now I’m in a grind for scheduling, things are going well, nothing’s out of sorts, I just feel a grind because I haven’t had a moment to myself with all the going-ons of the past week, however, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday are mine to catch up on all of the readings, to study, to clean, to do laundry, etc. For the most part, outside of a few interruptions, my cell phone will probably be off so I can get my work done. If I can have everything read, outlined, and caught up by Saturday Night I’ll be a happy camper and it would let me get my proposal finished for Wolf by Sunday night.

Currently I feel like I’m behind in school work…but welcome to the past five years of my Undergraduate Education. Once Friday’s here I’ll be able to feel like I’m ahead, which is wonderful. Anyways, today I’m on Campus at 7:30AM; Class from 8AM to 12:00PM; Meeting at 1:00PM @ Hillel, Chiropractor at 4:15PM on South Campus, Meeting on North Campus from 7:00PM to 9:00PM and then coming Home to get some work done.

For now, I’m going back to bed for an hour before I have to actually get up and be a human.