Classes Start Today!

Classes Start Today

I’m excited! My sleep cycle is still slightly wonky but it’ll be working itself out in short order (right now, I think it’s the ‘afternoon’ for me, that or early evening). Anyways, my final (literally) plate of classes:

Taking Them Because I Want To (God Bless Electives):

Phonetics (Linguistics 431)
This is with Dr. Jaeger it’ll be nice to take a class from her outside of the Independent Study I did in Phonetics a couple of years ago. This is a work intensive course involving fieldwork and data collection and tons of language informants who will be coming to class (I think daily, actually), which is exciting. I think Prof. Roustum (my Arabic professor) will be showing up for when we transcribe Syrian which is wonderful, I miss him. I may sit in on some of his classes, actually.

Teaching Assistant For Linguistics 315 (Linguistics 496)
I’m TAing for Scott’s Linguistics 315 course which is exciting on so many levels. it’ll be nice to learn from him (this time on the other side of the classroom watching him teach), it’ll also be nice to get some more hands on experience in front of a classroom myself (since he expressed interest in me taking an active role in the course) and in general, any course you take with Scott you end up learning about ten times more than you’re supposed to…and you enjoy it too, so while it won’t be easy, it’ll certainly be fun.

Independent Study & Research With Wolf Wölck (Linguistics 499)
I’m researching language discrimination based on dialects; I’m not sure what region I’m focusing on yet (I’m still trolling through pages and pages of bibliographies trying to see what region/language has the most source data) but I’m hoping to find enough data (that’s linguistically relevant and academically sound) to compare speakers of the same language family in two different areas, where in one area they’re the majority language speaker and in the other area, they’re the minority language speaker. Currently I’m in the “drop ideas in a shoe box phase” which is how I learned to write Linguistics papers from Dr. Wolf himself…next phase is organizing those slips of paper into some kind of thought.

First Semester Classical Tibetan
Dude…it’s Classical Tibetan! You can’t get better than that! I got to pray with the 14th Dalai Llama at an Interfaith service my first senior year at UB (sadly, I didn’t get to meet him, which would have been cool)…but just think, I’m hanging around (maybe at a coffee shop or something) one day and in walks the Holy Llama himself and I’ll be able to say “hey what’s up man, I got to see you when I was at UB when you came to visit!” but I’ll be able to say it in Classical Tibetan and he’ll be able to say “hey sweet deal, do you know if they have espresso here” and I’ll be able to go “hey, it’s on me” (the least I can do for a leader in exile)…this will hopefully be more useful to me than that time I took Sanskrit with Woodard…which, while entertaining, I didn’t retain much (I can still tell you how to say Tiger though)…how often does one get to practice Sanskrit anyway?

Taking Them Because They’re Required

Structure of English: Grammar & Lexicon
I’m taking this with J.P. Koenig (who has a wonderful French accent); this will be the first time (well second, I dropped the course last semester due to the professional misconduct of the professor) I’m getting formal grammar instruction (I grew up with ‘Whole English’ which means that I’ve learned nothing about English Grammar the entire 13 years I spent in Public School System, from K-12) so I’ve been doing Madlibs for the past year or so in the hopes that I can recognize nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc. more quickly. This will probably be one of the most influential courses I take at UB since it will teach me how to explain English Grammar to others.

Good Ideas in Computer Science CSE111

This is the fail safe that UB setup for those of us (myself included) who can’t add or subtract to save our lives. I remember in Hebrew III when she gave us a math test, in Hebrew (all word problems) that I did poorly on the exam and I had to explain to her that it wasn’t the Hebrew that was so much the problem but the fact that I just have an issue with math in general.

It’s basic computer programming, the only deficit is that it’s at 8am…the benefit is that I pass Starbucks on my way to the Shuttle in the morning.

Today’s Program

6:30AM (Starbucks)
7:00AM (Shuttle to North Campus)
8:00AM Good Ideas in Computer Science
9:00AM Meeting with withfangs to discuss UBULS Plans for the Semester
10:00AM Phonetics
11:00AM Grammar
12:00PM Yoga/Wellness Center
12:30PM Lunch (@ Hillel?)
1:00PM CSE111
3:00PM (Normally my Office Hours)
4:45PM Chiropractor
5:30PM Shuttle to North Cammpus
6:00PM Dinner
7:00PM Gym
9:00PM Hang out with Alice?

Hard to believe this is my last semester…it’s been a long time coming. Anyways, a real update later…now, time to pack my bag for the day and get some sleep.

Peace all,