Chiropractors, Weddings & Sushi Oh My!


Well as I was walking out of the house today to have lunch with Joe and Jacqueline, Joe had the suggestion that I see the Chiropractors at UB (which are housed on South Campus, conveniently two blocks from my apartment). So before lunch, we made a pit stop at South Campus.

I walked in, there was a chiropractor to see me instantly, no waiting (oh, and I should mention that it’s free…as in, they don’t even bill insurance, no co-pay, no charge, so long as you’re a UB student).

After running some tests, taking my vitals and going over my family history, he determined that it was due to muscle strain in my shoulder and upper-lower back area (stress, what stress?!). He did a back adjustment (I had no idea that hands could make things feel that good…when I get married, I want to marry a chiropractor…) and my pain, though it didn’t diminish entirely, went down significantly. I’ll be seeing him twice a week, for the next couple of weeks (to fully relieve the pain), and then once a week after that. The fact that it’s free (no insurance even required or mentioned) is a blessing.

The Guzman Wedding

I photographed The Guzman Wedding last weekend, it was the first time I ever worked with an assistant, and it was a wonderful, wonderful experience.

Jacqueline is beyond competent, highly educated and really, really knows her lighting systems (she has a letter of recommendation coming from me that will be nothing short of glowing). It was truly a pleasure to work with her. The wedding went well, I delivered the CD to the happy couple today, and tomorrow I deposit my paycheck (which is good, since there are birthday presents to buy for some of my friends, a tattoo that I’ve been waiting to get, and a savings account for Israel that needs to be fed and an assistant who needs to be paid).

As I was leaving their wedding I had three people come up to me, ask for my card and then ask if I would also photograph their weddings as well (all three were having weddings sometime next year) which I thought was slightly interesting because it meant that they were asking for my card based solely on how I conducted myself at the wedding rather than on my work (since none of them, to my knowledge, would ever have any reason to have previously seen my work). My general rule for conduct is ‘don’t act like a wedding photographer’ (as a kid, I remember loathing Bar-Mitzvah and wedding photographers: they were loud, obnoxious, inappropriate and really just made my skin crawl).

However, I’ll be in Israel starting in February and I believe that I’ll be hanging up my wedding photographer hat shortly (this may, in fact, have been the last wedding that I shoot). I’ve been working in a darkroom since I was eight, I have had photography gigs since I was in High School and throughout University (which were, and still are, a great way of earning cash). What I’ve learned though, is that I much prefer the studio or the great outdoors to other kinds of events (weddings, sporting events, historical reenactments, etc).

The other factor that’s pushing me towards this decision is that I’m getting to the point where I really only want to be concentrating the largest majority of my time working jobs as closely related to my field as possible (and since I’m not yet at the level where I can work on my own in Linguistics, I really need to be working to find and pushing for jobs as an educator of some kind, whether running youth programs that have some kind of reading/language comprehension focus to them, health education or otherwise). More and more, I want my resume to reflect academia, languages and linguistics related fields compared to the odd jobs I’ve had in the past.

Not that I’ll be putting down my camera anytime soon – I also have a modeling shoot this Friday – but I’d much rather keep it my hobby rather than my profession and leave the profession to the guys that act like wedding photographers.


Oh man am I craving Sushi; tasty, tasty Sushi…I’m craving the Avocado sushi more than I’m craving the different kind of fish sushi though…When I was in Israel I made some mental notes of where I could find Chinese Food and Japanese Food (there’s Chinese food right over the 24/7 tobacco shop near Ben-Yehuda street)…not that Sushi is a deal breaker, but it certainly comes close.

There’s apparently a class that you can take in Williamsville (?) where you can learn how to make sushi, which sounds like it would be fun, but right now I think I have my plate full (har har har)…though it’s something to think about in the future as a fun weekend thing to do with friends. I mean, I get the basics, seaweed, rice, fish…but there’s all of the other stuff (like what combinations make what roll…how to cut the roll without squashing it) that I’d love to learn…actually, I’d be happy if my roll came out looking like a roll…we can start with that and move up.


I may be in a promotional video for UB; which I think would be pretty cool. The College of Arts and Sciences is apparently putting something together and they got my name and number, so we’ll see where it goes…this could lead to my big break…I could…I could be on YouTube even! Man, that’d be…neat…maybe…

I just think it’s funny; there’s these large posters all over campus with random students on them (and of course some kind of inspirational quote that borders more on an Orwellian wet dream than it does on inspiring: “four legs bad, two legs good” “Stay longer, live larger”) and sometimes you run into one of them or someone who knows them…so I can be “that guy” in the video…or even better “that guy #3” which would be entertaining.

Again, we’ll see where it goes.

Today’s To Do List


    1. Sleeping in


    1. Call Rabbi Harvey (Letters, Appeal)


    1. Clean the Apartment


    1. Bank (Woohoo Cash Money!)


    1. Finish Chai Line Program Write Up (Get Binder on North Campus


    1. Laundry (…I hate laundry…love clothing…an evil, evil cycle)


    1. Scheduling (Book Flights, PUB Meetings, UBULS Meetings)


    1. E-Mail


  1. Finish Blog Stuff