Taking a break from paperwriting (hey! It’s pretty much done!)

Taking a break from paperwriting to bring you this very important announcement.

After three years of running Gay Sex 101 for Yaoi North and hearing from fangirls about the numerous fanfics that exist that have Gay Men in every bizarre, weird, impossible, painful, inhuman and just plain “WTF” sexual position you can think of (there are some twisted fangirls out there), I’ve decided that if straight girls can write gay fanfic while having absolutely no knowledge as to how gay relationships or gay sex actually works (for instance – and this little gem came from an Angel/Spike fic – that peanut butter can be used as anal lubricant), then turn about’s fair play.

Gay Men can write Straight Fan Fiction with the same amount of bravado and mis-conceptions and lack of research too! I really have no idea how the female anatomy works (it’s the only section I failed in High School Health) and hey, since fangirls are so into going into the painful minutia, why can’t we also go into graphic (and of course, mostly inaccurate) descriptions so we too can make even the most ironclad stomachs slightly squeamish!?

Why should fangirls have all the fun!?

I’m now going to try my hand at (intentionally horrible) PWP Fan Fic…

…I think I’m going to start with a Harry/Ginny/Patronus 19 years Later fanfic…’what do the parents do now that they’ve sent their children to Hogwarts?’

“Her Labia flapped1 in the wind as Harry Approached her…is that a Patronus coming out of your throbbing member, or are you just happy to see me…”

“What if it’s both” Questioned Harry?

“Neeeeeyaaaa” Said the Patronus.

1 I have no idea if labias flap…I know some penises flap…but I’m clueless as to anything outside of the male anatomy…but really, does that matter in fanfic? Of course not.