I got a call from the Aliyah Center Thursday

It’s time to take control again and be the only one/It’s time to take control again and be the only one/Cause I just wanna play with myself/And I don’t need anyone else/Rising with the sons of madness crossin’over the road/It’s time to take control again and be the only one/It’s time to sell your soul again and be the holy one/Cause I just wanna finish this race/And I don’t wanna lose my face/Looking for a new direction crossin’over the road/So welcome to the other side/Don’t be afraid to testify/It’s not to late to get you high/Reaching for somebody in your image world/Waiting for a sign of a change crossin’over the road” – Infra Riot – Soundtrack of Our Lives

Ahhh… Infra Riot, one of the best guitar heavy, driving songs ever…you really need a convertible with a kick ass sound system to appreciate it; well, that, sunglasses, a bunch of friends and the open road.

Anyways, I got a call from the Aliyah Center Thursday; I was in a computer lab and thus had my cell phone turned off; but I checked for messages as I was leaving. My application has been approved. Everything’s set to go…I’ll be in Israel in February! I’m bringing them my passport tomorrow; which means I’m leaving my apartment at 3am to get to their office by 9am so I can get to the eye doctor and get real sunglasses by 3pm.

Now the only things I have left to do are:

1. Go to my physician on Monday so he can fill out the last section of paperwork required for the Kibbutz where he’ll testify that I’m strong like bull.

2. E-mail my Shaliach because Garin Tzabar says that I’ll be too old for their program. First it was my birth certificate, now I’m too old…I think I’m going to just get a walker at this point and start harassing people while I barge my way into restaurants to take advantage of the early bird special; because apparently I’m well past hurling day. I’ll ask my Shaliach to contact them again on my behalf and see what she can work out…I turn 23 on Sept 2.

3. Finish the Nefesh B’Nefesh Paperwork.

4. Finish the year

5. Say my goodbyes

6. Mom’s Birthday on January 4th

7. Pack.

8. Get on a plane

9. Start a new adventure