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I have class in about an hour; I turn in all four labs, then take an exam, and then I’m free until Tuesday. Tuesday morning I’m meeting with Dr. Jaeger to go over my final schedule as an undergrad which is a good feeling…after this semester, I get to learn outside of the context of a classroom and grades and I’m really liking that; I’m almost on burnout, though I think that I can attribute that to the fact that I’m not finding my summer class challenging at all, and overall I think if the University saw what was actually being taught in it, they’d bring the entire department under investigation…but it’s not a department I care about and I’ve fought the good fight here at UB for five some odd years, if someone really wants to take up the cause, they’re welcome to it, but I’m not touching it with a ten foot pole.

As far as Graduate School goes; there’s two masters degrees that I want (and M.A. in either Translation Studies or Linguistics and an MBA) one or both degrees I may get in Israel depending on the programs they have there. I honestly haven’t done enough research into what the universities have to offer and while it’s nice that I’m told my Masters will be paid for, there’s no guarantee that I’ll get into a program in Israel so I am keeping my options open all over the place. I very seriously want to do my doctoral studies in Australia, however. Of all the fieldwork programs, they have by far the best reputation of people I’ve spoken with.

As far as my response to why I want the degrees I want: it’s because I want to live in Israel, have the luxury of a gorgeous apartment in Tel Aviv; and some day a flat (for vacation) in NYC…I like money; it can’t buy happiness, but it can certainly make so many things that much easier. And while there may not be a huge demand for what I’m capable of doing in Israel, commuting via the internet or via airplane has never been an objection of mine.

There’s more than enough money in the world for those who are willing to figure out a way to earn it.

No Spoilers Here

So…as I was waiting to pick up my copy of Deathly Hallows There were these two girls standing in front of the store, yelling. What caught my attention is when I heard: