Brief, Brief Update

…there’s a much larger update in progress…you’ve been warned (I’ll also read journals/comment/etc later on today).

Anyway, finished my paper, turned it in, turn in the physical copy in class tonight. I like it, and I really like my ending.

In other news, Today’s to do list includes:

1. Contacting the Aliyah Organization (they called twice yesterday but didn’t leave any messages)
2. Contacting the IDF People
3. Catching up with Mom after she drops off my younger brother at work she’ll call me.
4. Making a doctors appointment for a physical for the Kibbutz Paperwork.
5. Email Christine and catch up.

I also can’t wait to see my Eye Doctor…I swear my script has changed, and I know he keeps saying it hasn’t…but I’m really bad at the 1 or 2 game (wait, no, go back, two, wait, no, go back….maybe one…wait, I’m not sure, two, wait one, no…wait, I have no idea…) so maybe this time we’ll work it out.

And right now, time to get a whole world of sleep in…g’night.