I got into the Tai Chi class at UB! One hour, twice a week, for a semester…I’ve been dying to get into that and the Yoga Class (though they have Drop in Yoga every morning at the Wellness Center I’d rather take one you can advance in and it keeps getting filled before I can register for it)…but I beat the masses to registration! bwhahahaha…ahem…

Anyways, I’m psyched. It’s a couple hours after I TA for Scott, so I’ll be on campus anyway.

I’m currently in the library. I’ve written the conclusion to my paper, now I just need to write the rest of it…which I’ll be able to do as soon as UBLearns comes back online so I can check the requirements…UBLearns was supposed to come back online no later than 4pm and it’s now 6:42…but as soon as that’s done, I can finisht he four or so labs I need to have turned in, get everything turned in tomorrow.

I have a much larger post; but that will happen later tonight (or tomorrow morning).