So much work, so little time…

the problem with too much travel, is too little sleep…and it’s hitting me at crunch time…and I’m actually stressing for no reason: I have a B+ in wolfs class, I can hand in labs up to a week late, I know I’m going to ace my exam today…but my sleep cycles fucked, I’m hungry, and tired…and stressing for the sake of stressing…which means I’m going to stop stressing now, get some dinner, wake up, do as many labs as I can turn in, go take the exam, finish whatever labs on Friday, meet with Wolf on Friday in whatever form my paper has taken (it’s really growing out of proportion…I keep having to spend close to 20,00 to print it whenever I need to edit it, in the computer labs). and then harry potter this weekend.

Okay, food, then no stress, then brushing teeth, then sleep.