What an amazing day!

My meeting went amazing (I’m getting way more benefits than I thought), I have a huge blog entry to write; however, since I have a 200 page paper due on the 20th and we’re stuck on page 179, and I have three labs due on Thursday, and an exam on Thursday, that will have to wait…I leave for Buffalo at a disgusting hour in the morning (however, I can probably get Sushi at the airport…so it’s worth it), I land, have three hours to get to class, then I’m meeting with Lorenzo & Christie, then passing out. Wednesday morning I’m in the Library studying for my exam, doing the labs, and finishing my paper (stress…what stress?); Thursday morning I’m sleeping, Thursday night from 5:30PM-9:40PM I’m in Nutrition Lab turning in the labs and taking the exam. Friday I have my meeting in the Morning with Dr. Wölk, Friday Night/Saturday Morning at Midnight is Harry Potter Book Day; Sunday, Monday I will be dead to the world. I’ll be back on Long Island in two weeks.