Update from Midtown

I’m currently in Midtown Manhattan (it feels weird typing that, since normally we just call it The City) but I figure for the intents and purposes of location we can go with something more than the usual vernacular.

So this morning I woke up, groggy, and got a ride to Hicksville Station and managed to get on a non-peak Penn Station express train which meant I only had to go through Jamaica Station, Woodside until I got into The City.

From there I took the 3 to Fulton Street Station; the exit that I took actually took me up through an older office building; and there was a door there that I need to go back and photograph (I forgot I had my digital camera with me…); just looking at the door and you can tell that there’s definitely memories there; mostly a scene from the 80s, two gay investors from wall street meet up for a goodbye before the weekend starts…not at all a premonition, more like a foreword to a new piece I want to work on. It was a cool door.

Anyways, I then walked about four steps and I was at the New York State Department of Licensing which also houses the Secretary of State office for Apostilles. I made my way through various layers of insecurity, showed my ID a few times and got on line to get my Apostille written up and sealed.

Upon handing in my apostille application and of course the money that goes along with that I did what one does in government offices: I sat and waited. About an hour later I had two Apostilles attached to both of my Birth Certificates.

I then caught a late lunch with kaygigi in Battery Park as we caught up and reminisced about Israel (we met at the Citadel Hostel in the Christian Quarter). It was fun, I’d missed hanging out with her.

Currently I’m sitting at Penn Station, in a Starbucks, catching up on work before I take a train to Jamaica and then take the AirTrain to JFK so I can fly back to Buffalo. The only plane I was able to get was the one that lands at 10:30pm-ish; from there heading to my apartment; then dropping of my labs in the morning, then in the evening getting back on a plane and heading back to NYC for my meeting on the 16th. I’m pretty sure the people at the Buffalo airport think that I just like riding on planes or something; I’m starting to get weird glances (‘it’s that guy again’) but maybe it’s just my dashing good looks.

Now excuse me…back to watching New York’s Finest…I mean…doing work…back to doing work…yes…working…that’s what I’m getting back to…work…right…