Aliyah & Travel Update

Okay, so here’s the deal:

Apparently the Apostille people/Secretary of State people operate out of the New York Licensing Building at 123 William St, New York, NY 10038; they of course open and operate at inconvenient times; which means I head out and take the train to The City from The Island at some time closer to 7:00am than I would like it to be. From there I get the Apostilles affixed to both of my (new) birth certificates since my old one can’t get one (see two posts down) which then make them valid internationally to any of the countries that signed on at the Hague convention.

I was not able to work it so that I could get a flight that would allow me to be in Nutrition class on Thursday; however I sent an email to both of the professors and while I fully expect to have whatever penalty applied to my grade at least they know what’s going on.

My flight leaves from JFK at 8:30PM (thom413/kaygigi I’ll have some time to kill in Mid Town before I head to the airport, so call 347-706-0009 if you want to grab a cup of coffee) and I land in Buffalo at 10:00-ish PM Thursday evening, from there I head to my apartment and do laundry (I really, really, really need to do laundry). Then on Friday morning I drop my labs off (which I’ve completed and are the only reason I’m flying back to Buffalo since they need to be handed in without loosing too many points). Friday Night I fly to JFK.

My meeting with the Shaliach (Emissary) is on Monday the 16th at 4:00PM. Words cannot express to you how tired I am from all of the traveling…they also can’t express how overjoyed I am that I have my meeting.

I now have to hunt down my Rabbi though, and get the letter from him saying that I am, in fact, a Jew.

So that’s where we stand…and it’s now 3:14AM; and I need to get at least five hours of sleep so I can face the sun tomorrow without scowling (too much).