Trains, Planes & Automobiles & Film Noir

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

So I got in touch with the Aliyah Office and had some questions answered and I went over some documents again and made somre more phone calls and here’s where I stand:

First, I need to get the Apostille in Albany after I get the birth certificate certified on Long Island. I’m heading to Long Island at 5am-ish tomorrow. I’ll be on Long Island all day Wednesday. Thursday afternoon I land in Buffalo. Thursday night I’ll be in Nutrition Class. Friday Morning I’ll be on a Train heading to Albany. From Albany I’ll be walking or taking a cab two miles to City Hall. Friday night I’ll be taking a train from Albany to New York City/Penn Station. Saturday I’m getting an outfit to meet the Shaliach (emissary) with (I have nothing that’s semi-formal summer at the moment and I’d like to make a good impression). Sunday I’m having Sushi. Monday I’m meeting with the Shaliach in New York City on 3rd Avenue. I’ll be back in Buffalo Tuesday afternoon. Tuesay night I’ll be in Nutrition Class. Wednesday I’ll be a human again.

“I’m not even supposed to be here today!”
– Dante, Clerks

Oh man, I want to be back in Israel. I love my family and my friends, but it’s like, for the first time in my life I found a place I was happy to be at; where I was really, really happy…and it was a teaser, a fleeting month long moment…and now I’m existing so I can get back there. If I didn’t have to finish my degree, I’d have called my parents up and asked them to pack up my apartment and sell my things off and I’d have just stayed…the thought occured to me more than a few times.

I’ve lost 8lbs since I’ve been back from Israel and I lost a couple of pounds there as well. I think it’s the running around…but I’m also back into the whole weight loss thing so I’m making conscious health choices when I pick what I’m going to eat. I want to be down to 140 or 150 by December. I also need to find a boxing partner and I need to pick up the summer hours for Alumni Gym.

I have to call my Dad’s weapons trainer this week too. He wanted me to let him know when I’d be home next so we could do some more M-16 training at the outdoor rifle range instead of the indoor one we were at in Nassau County. He came to the BBQ we had a week or so ago and came up to me and went “Don’t tell your Mom, but I got some new toys for you to use when you come home!” Gotta love a guy who’s toys involve heavy artillery.

From Fire Arms to Drag Queens

So I have a new drag name…I’m not going to be sharing it with anyone (though nir1 knows what it is) until I’m done registering it on all the sites that drag queens use; but it’s a hot name and I’m in the process of mixing some custom music for my next show.

“One eye on the shadows, protecting his fellows, From sun up till the moon on his back. Send the villains to Hades, a hit with the ladies, a stallion, in the sack.”
– A Man For All Seasons

I’ve been feeling the urge to hit some of the more noir, edgy clubs lately. Bowler hats, fake eye lashes, eyeliner and guys wearing pin stripe shirts and suspenders and wing tipped shoes…I’ll give Buffalo this: there’s a club for all types and all moods, and they all suit their purpose: from sex in the back to just being able to dance and let loose, to swing and country…there’s something for everyone. It’s been said, many times, that Buffalo has a church or a bar on every corner and I’ve found that to hold true.

Normally I hang out at the Gay dance club (there’s a few, but there’s really only one that’s worth dancing at, the rest are good for drinks though); but if I want to fade away I head to a club that isn’t my type, where they play music I really dislike…but the furniture is cool, the drinks and the men are good (…and mostly straight) and I hide away for a bit…alone, but comfortable surrounded by people.

However, I think when I get back and get settled for a couple of days I’m going to head to one of the more noir clubs and catch up with an old friend who has an outfit that would make Dick Tracey jealous…either that or I’m heading to a Latino club; I think after Israelis, Latinos really are second on my list.

“I Don’t want to be a milkman anymore!!”

Okay…I’ve found, quite possibly, the funniest show I’ve ever seen…I won’t mention who’s gottne me hooked on it (iolausian) but you all need to see Father Ted…most amazing show, ever.

Okay, time for lunch with Alice.