Heading out to Amsterdam/Saratoga/Albany

So I’m heading out in a couple of minutes to head down to Albany so I can get an Apostille affixed by a representative of the Secretary of State, to my Birth Certificate on Monday when their office is open.

Basically an Apostille is required for Israel to recognize my Birth Certificate as a valid document (part of an international agreement at the Hague). The Apostille costs $10.00. It is also required to be attached to my Birth Certificate before I can meet with the Shaliach (which is basically an Emissary for the State of Israel)…I have my appointment with her on the 16th.

However, after I get the Apostille, the only document I’m missing from my Aliyah application is the letter from my Rabbi. I’ll call him about that this morning before he gets busy preparing for Shabbat and I’m sure he’ll have it ready for me by the time I’m down for my appointment in NYC in two-ish weeks.

Yesterday I got my passport photo taken (also required to be submitted with the Aliyah Application) and I got two letters from the Student Response Center saying that I’m a Linguistics Major concentrating in Applied Linguistics, that my degree is a B.A. and that I’m a candidate to have it conferred on me February 1, 2008 since the application asks for the highest degree earned…and when I make Aliyah I’ll have my B.A….I’d rather not have to attempt to update things until I get my M.A. or Ph.D. at some later point in my life.

The benefit of doing this in Albany (other than avoiding the hassle of airlines, the cost of airlines – I’m saving about 90.00 by training it to Albany – and airlines in general) is that I also get to see iolausian and felperland and their two Dogs (I’m determined, that at some point, Maggie will realize that I’m not a chew toy)…this of course means that I can also catch up on much needed rest & RKO Films (which I’ve become…addicted to…).

In other news, I do have a full post coming soon, and an Israel wrap up post which will probably get written this weekend. I’m already in the full swing of summer courses. My class meets from 5:30-9:40PM Tuesdays & Thursdays. I did however get to have lunch with Jeruen on Thursday which was nice.

twisty_mirror, I’ll be finishing Running with Scissors on the Train :o)

Okay, time to pack up the laptop.

Peace all.