Eight Days Until Israel, One Day Until NYC/LI and a Few Hours for Sleep

Wrap Up Soon/Almost Travel Time

As I said in my previous entry I’m back from Toronto after an amazing convention (this year was probably the best out of all of them, if not the most smoothly run even with what little kinks we had to overcome). The full update will be posted both here and on the Yaoi North Blog once I get a few more hours of sleep in me (which is where I’m heading as soon as I post this).

I leave for Israel in eight days which means that tonight is the final round of apartment cleaning, laundry-doing, and the usual range of things that need to be addressed when one is going to be away from their apartment for the period of a month…I need to leave a note for the mail carrier, though he’ll probably just resort to what he usually does when i go on Vacation (normally he crumples my mail into balls and tosses each piece individually into my mail box, sort of like playing basketball in a way). I don’t know why I bother leaving him notes, but maybe this time we can come to an understanding.

Free LJ Mini Cards

Apparently LJ, Vox and a few other sites have teamed up with Moo to provide free LJ Mini Cards (you get 10, 100 costs 19.99) and you can get 10 free for both your LJ account and your Vox account even under the same user name on their site which is neat and they don’t charge shipping on their free offer of 10 cards so go here and give it a try.


Now, time for sleep. I’ll catch up on your entries after I write my wrap up, later on today.