Random Aliyah Question #235357348

I know my questions sound ridiculous, but these are every day things that I have questions about:

1. Are you able to buy caffeine pills in Israel…if so, are they over the counter…if so, do they sell an Israeli Version of No Doz…if so, what is the price in Shekels or US Dollars and roughly how many per bottle

(not that this is a major requirement in my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness…but after you’ve been consistently carrying no-doz in your bag since you were, oh, 13 it’s sort of nice to know that you won’t have to give up certain vices)

2. What brand of mints do you carry with you (I’m a compulsive mint sucker…it’s a trade off for not smoking and the number one way to avoid colds according to Dr. Wolk — the more moist you are, the less sick you get, and as the sign on his desk says, “conserve water, drink martinis” ). I ask because I’m assuming I’ll have to switch brands and I’m a creature of habit (much like those who have smoked the same brand of cigarette for years) so I’m trying to get a consensus on what I should try before I purchase a few and pick the one I’ll stick with. I’ve actually had the same meal at Amy’s Place every time I’ve gone in there, since Freshman year and I wear the same brand of shoes.

3. Can you show me a picture of what the prongs look like on your electronics, I want to make sure I have the right adapter.