21 Days Until Israel

21 Days until Israel and it feels like an eternity. I’m so, so, so excited. Overall, I’ve had a stressful day (work wise) but I think I just finished with the last of the emails that needed to be sent so that’s a good thing (as it now means I can read for a bit, drink some coffee and head to bed).

Mom & I dropped off my Birkenstocks to get repaired at the store in Huntington Yesterday which is good (my clogs were almost totally busted from abuse) fortunately, for $50.00 + $5.00 shipping, they repair all damage, repair the cork, re-seal everything, and ship it to your front door cleaned up, repaired and as broken in as you left them. There’s really no reason to ever own more than one pair of the same style, ’cause they’ll last you for life if you take care of them. Mom and I finished most of our other errands today too (I got my glasses back from Repair as well, which was nice since they were under warranty so it was free). I still have to go get a kilt pin and a water bottle and some hemp string, but that can happen later this week.

Today Mom & I are having Sushi at a late lunch after appointments early this morning; I have an appointment Wednesday Night which is currently dicking over some of my previously laid plans (that whole mice and men thing) so I’m not thrilled about that either. On Thursday Dad’s getting honored by the UJA and on Friday Dad and I are having a Father & Son Day at the shooting range (nothing says family times more than looking through a laser scope at paper targets and breathing in the smell of gun powder …) and I return to Buffalo on Saturday.

Despite having all of my grades, I can’t bring myself to relax until they’re in the system even though I know what the grades are. However, next week brings forced relaxation and de-stressing and interpersonal things (like cuddling) and then the next week brings me to Israel…so, all good things really.

I also found my iPod…in the usual place I put it away; being a creature of habit I lost it where it belonged…the other day I freaked out because I thought I lost my glasses…and in a way I did…they were lost on top of my head.

Okay friends, time for Coffee and then Bed.