So 40 or so sirens just drove by…

So 40 or so sirens just drove by, which is why I’m up (well that, and my body doesn’t realize it can relax yet so I’m still getting up a few times a night out of stress, but this will change soon). My apartment complex is directly between two main roads so I’m used to sirens, just nothing like what drove by (sadly, or fortunately as the case may be, whatever was going down wasn’t on my block…so no firemen for me).

Anyways, game plan for Friday:
(After I get up again)
RKO (Swing Time) With Breakfast
Hang out with Alice
Laundry & Pack for NYC

Game plan for Saturday:

Head for the airport (!0am)
Arrive in NYC (1pm-ish)
Get Pizza (1:30PM)

And once again it’s quiet, the University Clock Tower (which I can hear from my apartment) struck 4am 19 minutes ago, which means it’s now time for bed 🙂