Wow! Time to celebrate!

So I got an email from my advisor (Dr. Jaeger), Scott Paauw requested me to be his TA for LIN315…which means I now have a TAship for my final semester (something I wanted, since I haven’t TAd since my Junior Year); and she reviewed my progress and the courses I’ve taken and apparently I’ve done well enough, and taken the right courses to be upgraded from the Language, Society & Communication Track (the lowest track) to the Applied Linguisitcs Track (second to the highest track: the highest track is the honors track). All this, and an independent study (providing Wolf doesn’t kill me today, which remains a very, very large posibility given that I’m not done transcribing and this beast of a paper is way out of control and I’m already finding errors that if anyone were to present in a class my hand would be the first raised so now I have to go back and correct them…)…I’m…elated.


I’ll pick the beast back up to look at it at 1:00pm and work through 3:00pm; then after my meeting (when I’ll know where I stand with Wolf) I am taking the worlds longest nap, and then I’m flooding Jackie’s email box since I have about 20 emails saved up in my drafts folder with her name on it…and then, if I can find enough change lying around the apartment…chinese food.

More Later 😀