Wow, so much to write about

So much to write about; however, I brought the 179 page monster to Wolf Wölk today (who was, slightly loopy, as he just came from the Dentist and was still a little full of Novocain so really, I felt like I was in good company ’cause I haven’t been to bed…since whenever that last time I went to bed was) however; he looked at the paper, spoke with me about it and said he’d be more than happy to give me the grade of I/B (which stands for Incomplete/B).

What that means in UB terms is that I have Six Months to make up the work, or the Incomplete converts to a B. Essentially, I could choose to not finish the paper (though after dedicating 179 pages to the topic and god knows how many calories, that would seem rather foolish) and still pass with an okay grade…however, that’s not my style so I’ve set the date (tentatively) to turn it in to him July 20th (as we’re both out of the country for the month of June and that’s when it’s convenient for both of us to meet in July).

For my Independent Study next year with him; I’ll be conducting and Attitude Study on Chick Track Sheets.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been given the TAship with Scott Paauw (which is just awesome, and something I’ll go into more detail on later, after I’ve had sleep and can once again form proper sentences) and I’ve been moved to the Applied Linguistics track (which makes me really, really happy…and is also something I’ll talk about…later).

For now, however, as I anxiously await my grade from Jürgen for Linguistic Anthropology I am going to go read…for pleasure…and let this Eminem paper sit for a week so I’ll pick it up after I get back from New York City and then Toronto right before I head back to Toronto for Yaoi North.

In other news that makes this semesters grades (so far)
B+, A-, B (moving to an A at some point) and whatever Jürgen has in store.

Okay, reading, then nap…looooooooooots of nap.

Oh: Let’s go Sabres!