Preliminary Grades

Arabic IV: B+
(…considering I took my final on 36 hours, without sleep, I take this grade as a badge of honor)

English Structure: Sound System of English: A-

Now I just need to get my Linguistic Anthropology grade in (apparently he emails you, if you’re in danger of failing…I haven’t got an email and I don’t really think I’m in danger of failing…but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about it anyway!).

I won’t get my Sociolinguistics grade in, until I hand in my paper and meet with Wolf on Thursday (the 10th)…which is why I now get ready to return to writing this beast (I’d rather be watching Astaire…and it doesn’t help that a certain person on my friends list…and I don’t want to mention any names, Jackie, keeps sending me pictures of Brandon Routh in various stages of dress and undress).

The paper is currently at 63 pages (single spaced); fortunately most of the analysis is done, the hardest part is just doing the data entry…and the killer is, that there’s no filler because to make the formula work it requires the entire set…oy.

…so now, I return to my keyboard…and ignore the DVD that’s in my bag…that’s my reward…for later today…