Heritage House

I emailed Heritage House a couple of days ago; they just emailed me back and wanted to know how old I am; I responded and told them (I’m 22, for those of you just tuning in). Hopefully in another few days they’ll get back to me with another email letting me know that I’m confirmed for a free one week stay there :o) Thanks Shirah (stoicdaydreamer) for getting their contact information for me. I’m already confirmed at Chateau Itai.

Hopefully by the time I’m in Tel Aviv the Israeli Students at Tel Aviv University will have either a) regained their senses on their own or b) been given the beating required for them to regain their senses (apparently they’re striking because they think they’re paying too much for school…they have no idea how good they have it)…and quite frankly, the whole campus lock down totally impedes on my plans to deliver fuzzy buffalo stickers to their Linguistics Department; so not to be all “me, me, me” but it’d be handy if they could just get over this strike business and move on with their lives. I can’t imagine what my parent’s would tell me if I said “I’m striking by not going to class…” actually, they probably wouldn’t tell me anything…just give me the beating I’d deeserve for doing something so foolish.

Wow, this is a very Israel morning…I just had my screen flash (“new mail”)…Wendy from Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land (SHADH) just sent an email to her list serv announcing the new arrivals…which reminds me, I need to send her an email letting her know I’m coming to see Jordy (my adopted Donkey)…I wonder if Donkeys have a preference for treats…I know my Dog does. I’ll have to find out.

And now, I’m going to go take a walk, and then come back to the computer station and do another few hours of repetitive acts of data entry; then once all of it’s entered…I’m sleeping…then waking up and spell checking and editing like a fiend; then I’m going over the analysis, conclusion, and results to make sure that they make as much sense on paper as they do in my head (and my slighty-scattered-yet-oh-so-organized index cards)…then I’m taking a nap…then I’m going over the thing and editing it again…then another nap, then I’m waking up and heading to campus and turning this beast in.

Okay, time to stretch.

– M