Hair, Phone, NYC, Shows and More :o)

My hair is finally growing back in (the picture was taken pre-coffee and pre-caffeine, it’s been a slow-start kind of morning) however, shortly I’ll have my hair long enough to not only get a hair cut, but once again get highlights and lowlights.


Wow, it’s been a busy morning on the phone, it’s been going off non-stop since about 11; and I got one “request you call” via the internet which I followed up on to get it out of the way.

The girl who wanted me to call her wasn’t terribly pleased with my answer though (she’s from the Linguistics Department and sent me a message through the UBULS page). Apparently her boyfriend had to go to Synagogue for services for a class (I’m assuming American Pluralism where we’re all supposed to learn how to get along and love each other), and apparently procrastinated hard core…well services (for what he needs) are held Friday Nights and Saturday Mornings (I don’t think Havdalah would meet his class requirements) and she sent me the message Saturday around 12:00PM so that ruled anything he could do for credit out until next Friday. So I gave her the names of some of the local synagogues that I’m familiar with and hopefully her boyfriend can stand to wait until next Friday to get his paper done.

Mom & Dad called, they were driving into NYC to see the show Inherit the Wind which is about the Scopes Trial (from what I’ve read and heard, it’s got fantastic reviews) and Dad wanted to know when I was coming home for his Award’s Dinner being put on by the UJA (I’ll be flying out to NYC on the 12th of this month) because apparently the owner of the security firm he contracts with to investigate/background check his employees wants to show me some stuff and go over some things with me which should be pretty neat. I sit for the P.I. exam the middle of July, which means I have to go back over the case law and NYS Code and review it. The IAPP’s CIPP exam is also coming up (sometime after August) so I also need to review for that as well…one day, I think a show about a Linguistic Detective should be made…not that I’m biased or anything, but I think it’d be pretty hot.

Chris (gryvon) called and we’re going to get set to start our round of judging on the AMV Entries for Anime north Tonight at around 7pm so that’s going to be cool and Jacqueline (hollow_voice) called to invite me to lunch tomorrow and there’s been a few other calls which aren’t really of note, so I’m not noting them.

More :o)

The rest of this month really is shaping up to be quite busy. I’d actually be home at this point, save for the fact that I have to meet with Dr. Wölk on the 10th. However:

I’ll be home on the 12th through the 19th attending Dad’s Awards Dinner. I’ll be in Toronto on the 20th with Chris (gryvon) for the last staff meeting before Anime North/Yaoi North (we’re expecting anywhere from 15,000 to 16,000 attendees this year); then we’re back up in Toronto from the 24th through the 28th. I fly back to NYC/LI on May 31st and then I leave for Israel on June 5th (which, happens to be in 30 days!).

I’m excited, it appears that I’ll be able to make the walk into Jerusalem (40 miles is nothing); I was discussing it with Mom (who acts as my base station and check in point when I’m Snow Shoeing or Hiking in Vermont) and she wasn’t concerned about the rockiness or the terrain, just mostly about the heat which shouldn’t be too much to handle with proper clothing and some water bottles.


I got Jackie’s (iolausian)’s package today!! This is movie 3 in my RKO Education! I’m excited, I’m going to watch it after we judge the AMVs. I’m not sure if I enjoy the RKO films because of the amazing dance numbers, or the wonderful, tawdry, dirty ways they got around the censors (so much innuendo…).

Stuff n’ Things

I really, really need to wash my hoodie…it’s getting grungy…tonight appears to also be a Laundry night.

As far as this week goes: I plan on completing my paper for Dr. Wölk, then editing it on Monday, Ignoring it on Tuesday, Looking at it again, more critically on Wednesday, and turning it in on Thursday.

Time for more coffee…peace 😀