Papers and Free Time…

Well Jürgen’s paper has been handed in and I’ve now completed my requirements for his course, for Michelson’s course and for Roustum’s course. The only assignment I’m left finishing is the one for Wolf which is due on the 10th and which I’ll get to hand into him in person since that’s when we’ll be discussing my independent study.

This being finals week, and me having no finals, has left me with large amounts of free time (since I don’t have finals to take myself and all of my friends are in classes that require them, I’m left with nothing to study for and with no one to hang out with). Mostly, I’ve been harassing people on Instant Messenger or leaving them offline messages if they haven’t been on in awhile. I did get to hang out with primanna Yesterday which was fun because we hadn’t seen each other in awhile. Also, a great deal of my friends seem to have come down with the plague so while I could hang out with them, I’m attempting to stay plague free for the time being.

Not that there aren’t other things I should or could be doing (I mean, theoretically I could be doing any number of things from training as a lumberjack to running horse shows and then failing upward and becoming a government official with a six figure salary…) or that I should be doing (like handling the pile of laundry I’ve been ignoring, taking more online CEs for my certification renewal in March or fulfilling my patriotic duty by writing my elected official) but I’ve been pretty on-top of everything so there’s nothing of urgency that needs to get done (and I’d work more on the paper, but there comes a point where you have to take a break otherwise you’re skipping over the same mistakes because you just don’t ‘see them’ anymore). Other than the invite-only garage sale I’m running out of my apartment (for lack of a garage to host it in) I’m just bored (and I hate that word)…though this did lead to a new discovery (as I mentioned in my previous post) where I learned how to wiggle my ears.

I have been rather diligent in making sure that I get some kind of physical activity in daily though (going to campus daily provides the benefit of sun, air, light, human contact) and I’ve been hanging out and reading in the Linguistics Lounge. I would go back to the gym if I didn’t just tear through my last pair of sneakers (at some point, in the future, I hope the birkenstock company starts producing sneakers…their sandals can survive doomsday, one can only imagine what could be accomplished if they’d break into the cross-trainer market).

Fortunately for me (and every other hyperactive person around me) finals week will be over soon…and then life can begin once again, in the Queen City with people to do and things to see.