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The Countdown

One Month, Two Days. Excitement does not even BEGIN to cover it

I have the best younger brother ever

Matthew L. Schwartz:
Hey Sam

Sam Schwartz:

Matthew L. Schwartz:
I’m really glad you came to Buffalo, sorry the weather was shit though.

Sam Schwartz:
its no problem your a great brother and wouldnt want any different one
well other than dave but were not counting him for now

Matthew L. Schwartz:
awe, I love you

Sam Schwartz:
love you 2

Israel Trip Fund

The Israel Trip Fund So Far (mind you, tickets have already been purchased so this cash is for food, hostels, transport outside of the birkenstock express):

$62.52 (Starting Balance) +
$45.00 (Apartment Garage Sale 1) (Money coming in soon) +
$21.00 (Apartment Garage Sale 2) (Money Deposited) +
$75.00 (Apartment Garage Sale 3) (comes in installments, so may be less depending on how much they can pay before I leave) =
$203.52 US = 827.33 ILS (Shekels)

Not bad so far. Hopefully the three day Apartment Garage Sale I’m having this weekend will not only net me some more money…but get the last, remaining stuff out of my apartment (which would be really, really, nice).

Fortunately, the $75.00 sale took care of most of the furniture in the Kitchen (sold two storage racks, the bar and the bakers rack) as well as the industrial plastic storage rack so it will be nice to get that space back. I really have to figure out what to do with the Antique Three Piece set I have.

New Recommendations from Lipsky

Dear Matthew,

Here are some of the places not to miss in Jerusalem ;
1. The tunnel tour under the Western Wall. You need to register for a tour ahead of time, but it’s a MUST.
2. Go and see the 3D I MA X film about the history of Jerusalem . I don’t remember the name of it, but if you ask about it, I am sure you will get the correct info.
3. Go on an organized tour of the Supreme Court of Israel. It’s a relatively new building with special and meaningful architecture.
4. Go and visit two neighborhoods; one called Nach-la-ot (you can walk around for about two hours easily and just enjoy the uniqueness of the place. It’s always better to read ahead of time or take a book with you so you understand what you see. Another neighborhood to visit is Ein Kerem. Of course there are plenty others, but these just came up my mind.

If I have other suggestions, I will let you know, otherwise, have a most wonderful and meaningful time and I am looking forward to seeing you next semester,

Mrs. Lipsky

Okay, I’ve added all of those to my list…though I’m not sure how rewarding the Imax will be so I’ll put it in the ‘maybe’ column…I also like the “special and meaningful architecture” because those are exactly how she phrases things for our exams…only she does it in Hebrew…I just think it’s interesting, linguistically.

And now for something completely different…

Back to writing papers…dear God…