Note to Lisa

So I ran into Josh (the “let’s help the foreign chinese performance artist hang himself over niagara falls – naked – with a rope the strength of dental floss so all three, including the interpreter – can later be arrested after the performance artist needs rescuing, Josh”) in the Student Union on Thursday.

He was wearing the same outfit as the last day I had seen him in class (he doesn’t even look like he’s changed a bit, sort of just like a time warp thing), maybe, what was it, two, three years ago? He recognized me instantly (not that I’ve changed all that much physically); however, I’m guessing he’s out of Jail now if he was ever sentenced or whatever, I’m not actually sure what the penalty is for aiding and abetting a naked performance artist in their goal to dangle in freezing cold water above sharp and jagged rocks; however I can certainly tell you, that he’s back on campus…

Actually, come to think of it, you may want to warn Daniel so he can batten down the hatches or, if Daniel’s in the dog house, don’t tell him and take on some extra shifts so you can see his face light up with joy when Josh walks into the dark room and asks to use the installation space and the flash bulb lights.