You can do anything you set your mind to, man”
– Marshal Mathers

So much going on right now; but the important news: five of us were sitting around a table with Dr. Wolk; the five students who elected to write papers this semester and forgoe a final exam…and as he’s telling us about how he’s going to go back to Brussels (he calls three continents home, was given U.S. Citizenship, and is incredibly important in not only the European Union but also in Peru) he says “and if you want, everyone here is invited to do an independent study with me next semester, for as many credits as you want…”

And my heart leapt through my chest and my stomach fell: an opportunity to do an independent study with the foremost sociolinguist; the man, the legend…Dr. Wolk!

…I’ll be doing a six credit internship with him next semester; continuing my research on Rap Discourse and creating my own transcription system for it; the hours of work I need to log to break even with a C is 240, I believe I’ll be going much farther than that given that I’m starting it this summer, this semester even…and I’m just, what an amazing way to end out my final semester at UB this coming fall.

I may cry; I’m so happy…and I’m also stressed, going on 36 hours of no sleep, dealing with a professor who no longer can read his own (typed) assignment and forgot what he meant when he asked us to do a field experiment that was, in the end, a lesson in futility for everyone; and I’m excited because my parent’s will be landing at 4:30pm and I’ll be seeing them after my Arabic Final which I’m totally unprepared for and I’m sad beacuse this is my last class with Prof. Roustum and waiting in trepidation because four thousand balls are up in the air and tomorrow I walk on a stage to be the voice of the Gay population at UB and with poise, confidence and experience I deliver words that I hope will stick with my Younger Brother and not lay waste to the sands of time and I have no idea if anyone’s showing up to the thing anyway because people on this campus are flakey and the Gay community is the first to turn on each other here and I entered the university as a pro-palestinian socialist in line to be on the secreteriat and I leave university disavowed by my party and a libertarian zionist and on the 10th it all comes to a settle; a brief rest before I get thrown into the whirlwind of three days of public speaking in Toronto and then I land in New York City and then in Tel Aviv to return to a place I’ve never been and…I wouldn’t change or trade a minute of it…

My eyes are bloodshot; my apartment’s spotless and my day was started with a sunrise comprised of a conglomoration of colors not often seen this side of Buffalo.