Crosses of Long Island City

Crosses of Long Island City
Long Island City, New York

And a child’s walking down the street holding onto her rosary praying to Jesus to protect her from the demons that she fears hide in darkened corners and alleys as she walks from the subway she took from her church of affluence into neighborhoods that her parents would be appalled to find her in: that bad side of town. She hikes her skirt up and puts on some eye liner and some lipstick: deep red, positively crimson as she heads to her night job: looking for a little bit of street cred.

Her clients are the prostitutes, the homeless and beautiful boys who were forced to work the street because their parents threw them out because of who they loved as she ‘steals’ bread which Jesus freely gave from her church kitchen to bring to the hungry and the starving and the infected as she ignores the messages of her priest who tells her that good girls are quiet and meek and listen to their husband’s every command: and I’m proud ’cause I see a righteous sixteen year old girl pouring soup into the mouths of the hungry and holding the sick and I see someone who’s doing God’s work:who read the book:who got the message:who chooses to live her life in his spirit.

She doles out advice as she hands out food and she dances as she works/in the summer heat, music is playing from the clubs which rich white men browse as their wives are home hoping that their husbands get the contract that they said they were going to be out signing and she takes down their license plates to make sure that her friends are going to come home safe because if they’re willing to break their contract between God and their Spouse then she knows that they’re not opposed to breaking something else.

She knows her parents won’t call her because they think she’s at youth group as she’s told them every weekend she’s gone out since age twelve:and in a way she is as she takes care of the children and reads to them stories of the lord and brings them trinkets that she finds to keep them occupied while their mothers are inside tinted lairs and she pockets vitamins from the local pharmacist from her home town who she caught here last week and she knows that he’ll keep them coming because sometimes you have to twist some things to make sure that people get taken care of and if instilling the fear of god into a man will make sure that children don’t die then she’s more than happy to take that up with St. Peter when it’s her time.

The local pimp once raised his hand to her when she gave him what for and as angels swooped down from the sky they took hold of his wrist and as he soon found out that he couldn’t move as her stare bored into his eyes and saw through his soul and he found himself standing there naked before her yet fully clothed as her chest rose and fell with her cross lying perfectly in the center all she had to say was “you wouldn’t dare” and dare he wouldn’t because he felt Gabriel holding onto his wrist and too many people think that miracles these days don’t exist but I know them for I have seen the beautiful Crosses of Long Island City.