Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack

Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack

We’re nearing the end of the semester and it seems everyone — despite numerous promises to ourselves and each other — is once again in the same boat as we were last year: sleep deprived, overloaded, and facing the burnout that signals to us the beginnings of Summer where we’ll each take between one and four weeks off before we start the cycle again during the summer session while we once again make the same promises to get more sleep, get ahead of game, etc.

I would be slightly less stressed if it hadn’t snowed every day this week (this, I’m sure is happening, because Al Gore is coming to talk to campus to talk to us about global warming and God has a twisted, fucked up, sick sense of humor that I can’t help but admire) and because it’s been snowing, I haven’t been able to go running because the cold air irritates my lungs and at this point, I think they deserve a break.

So we can all share in the fun, here is the list of things that I need to have done in short, short order:

So for Wolf:
Project (not actually required, doing it voluntarily, so we’ll see where that goes, due the last day of class, quickly morphing from an actual paper into a model for those who wish to write future papers due to time constraints)

Final Exam (I estimate an A on it, this occurs the Last day of Class)

So for Michelson:

Final Homework (due tomorrow…I hate making trees, boy howdy do I hate making trees…I see how they’re useful…but it’s assignments like this that make me glad that in one more semester, I get to enter into the field I’ll be specializing in…a field which doesn’t require making trees…fuck trees, man I hate trees so, so much…stupid trees)

Scrap Book (almost done…I had a good time in the craft store…I like scrap booking…I have to remember to bring my camera to campus so I can take a picture of something I want to include in it…I also have to finish watching RKO films for the dialect diagnosis section)

Final Quiz (coming up soon…her course is humbling…very humbling…I should be getting a B+ to an A- as my final grade; working towards the A-)

So for Jürgen:

Presentation (This Coming Tuesday…’yea, even as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…’; and despite what he says, I’m fairly certain I’m walking into the class with a deficit because he wasn’t thrilled with the paper I chose to present, despite my firm belief that not only is it beyond adequate, it’s interesting and on point in many of its arguments which is better than what I can say for most of the papers we’ve discussed this semester of which, I’ve had at least one major issue with each of them)

Experiment (Due the last day of Class…the instructions were close to twenty pages long when they could have been two pages long…this actually seems to function as a wonderful metaphor for the entire semester, this will be completed Monday so covarla and I can compare our findings — a requirement for the assignment — and then just finish writing the damn thing up, which should take around three hours)

So for Roustum:

Final Exam.

I’ll be really sad when his class is over, he’s had a profound impact on my life from my politics to my academic future and my love of languages, and my future career to my love of Middle Eastern Food.

Okay…time to get back to doing work…I really can’t wait for April 30th…the day after the last day of classes, I’m sleeping in hard core.

I’ll catch up with everyone on the flip side.