God Bless Jewish Mothers

My Mom’s mailing me bagels from Bagel Boss (as soon as they’re open from Passover); thank God…we’re entering finals week, I’m not feeling well (seven flights in 48 hours apparently leads to a higher probability that you’ll catch a cold while traveling and this one’s a doozy) and I need a real bagel from New York stat.

For those of you unaware, if you ever make it to New York City, I will state, for an absolute fact, that is is in your vested interest to take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) from Penn. Station to Hicksville Station (the Hicksville that I speak of is the same one that is referenced in RENT, and happens to be the town over from where I grew up which is Plainview).

From Hicksville Station take a taxi cab (in-zone should be around $7.00 since taxis on The Island don’t use meters like the ones in The City do, on The Island it’s all based on zones) and tell your driver that you want to go to Bagel Boss (don’t worry, he won’t need directions or an address), in about four to ten minutes (depending on traffic) you will be there (this is our equivalent of Mecca so stop, look outside, take a deep breathe and prepare yourself for what will be a life altering experience)…once inside, you will finally have a taste of a real bagel (and you should order a few flagels while you’re at it, because they’re also amazing).

Bagel Boss bagels can last for up to two weeks unfrozen and longer if you freeze them. The only warning I can give you is that they’re so big, the odds of them fitting into your toaster are slim to none (we had to buy a special toaster to fit them) so I recommend purchasing a toaster oven before you make the trip so you can get the full experience. My personal recommendation is when they start to get slightly hard, microwave them for 30 seconds, then toast them in the toaster oven.

That said,

God Bless Jewish Mothers
God Bless Jewish Food
God Bless New York.

And With that, it’s bed time…man this week is gunna be rough…I am almost done with the real post (I know, I know, I know…mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maximus culpa) but I had more thoughts today which require me to drag out posting it slightly further.

In other news, it snowed again today.